Network Management System

The StreetSound® system includes a built-in Network Mangement System (NMS) application that allows the operator to fully monitor and control each remote in the network from a central PC. In addition, if the PC is connected to the internet, the NMS can be remotely accessed from any smartphone, laptop, or desktop PC via Chrome Remote Desktop (CRD). Below are a few of the features of the NMS:

  • Full remote monitoring and control of each individual unit in the StreetSounds® network from the PC.
  • Six-zone Scheduler for 7-day On/Off control over each zone.
  • Alarm system capable of monitoring up to 6 alarm condtions in each remote and notifying the operator with either a Text Message, and Email, or both.
  • Remote control from smartphone, laptop, desktop using Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • The NMS runs on a Windows PC running Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 10.

    Network Management System Training Videos

    NMS Training Videos

    Below is a brief video introduction to the Network Management System application.

    Master Map Screen

    Master screen showing a map of the network topology/connectivity. Note that each unit can act as a "repeater" to send the signal form one unit to the next.

    Master Summary Screen

    This screen shows a summary of all remotes and their received signal level in real time. This screen gives you a quick snap-shot of the network status.

    Remote Monitor Window

    Each remote unit can be pulled up in its own window. From this window you can change the individual volume for each remote. You can also monitor temperature, received signal level, drop-outs, as well as many other functions.

    Scheduler Screen

    The Scheduler gives you On/Off control of all remote units in the network. Each unit can be assigned to one of six "zones". Each zone can be turned on or off at different times during the week. For example, you could leave you publc square on later in the evenings on the weekends, while your sidewalk units are turned off.

    Alarm Screen

    The Alarm screen monitors several key parameters in the network and sends alarm notification (text and/or emails) to up to two network operators.


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