Support Documentation

Planning and Installation Guides

StreetSounds Design and Planning Guide
StreetSounds Network Installation Guide
StreetSounds Fixed Master Installation Guide
STARX Digital Wireless Audio Transceiver User Guide for previous generation STARX transceivers.

Network Management System (NMS)

StreetSounds NMS V9 download Network Mangement System application sofware V9 for STARX and STS-200-TXRX Transceivers.
Network Management System User Guide (preliminary V1.0 4/1/2021)
Interference Testing Guide V5

Mobile Master (MMST)

Mobile Master User Guide V2.0
Event Mode Setup Guide How to set up the Mobile Master, or other Secondary Master Transmitter, for "Event Mode".


StreetSounds Network Troubleshooting Guide


Assembly Instructions for RJ45 Weather Cover This MUST be installed on the outdoor RJ45 connection to the Fixed Master ODU.
Pole Mount attachement details Includes power consumption, weight, and effective projected area.
StreetSounds Architectural Specification

Data Sheets

STS-270-205J Dual-speaker Pole-mounted remote unit.
STS-270-RAMP Radio/Amplifier.
STS-200-TXRX Transceiver.
STS-200-IDU-DCX Indoor Unit for STS-200-TXRX.
KIT-MNT-STS-200 Mounting kit for STS-2xx series products.
STS-220-RAMP 20 Watt Radio/Amplifier. Designed for smaller venues or "Parking Lot Audio" applications.

Antenna Configurations

Below are several directional antenna configurations that can be used with either the Fixed Master, or in a Repeater location. We recommend L-Com 9db antennas and coaxial adapters for these applications.

Single Directional Yagi Master Antenna This antenna configuration is typically used in networks where the Fixed Master is located at one end of the network. It focuses the transmit signal from the Fixed Master in one direction toward the pole-mounted speakers. The single Yagi antenna can also be used at a reciever location to improve its received signal level.
Dual Directional Master Antenna This Fixed Master antenna configuration is designed to focus the transmit signal from the Fixed Master in two directions up and down your Main Street. This configuration greatly impoves the signal level received by the speakers, especially in the presence of interference. The configuration requires the PD2021 Power Divider from In-stock Wireless ( plus a total of three Coax Adapters from L-Com.
Dual Directional Repeater Antenna Configurations This antenna configuration can be used on any dual-speaker pole mounted unit to enable it to become a dual-directional repeater. This helps with signal coverage on both sides of the street, especially in areas that may be partially blocked from the Fixed Master transmit signal.
L-Com 9db Yagi Antennas
Coaxial Barrel Adapter, Type N-Male/Male required

Training Videos

Network Management System

Network Management System (NMS) Training Videos This series of videos provides a comprehensive set of training videos for the Network Management System application.


Below is a video which shows the complete installation of a StreetSounds® unit.

Below is a brief introduction to the Network Management System applicaton


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